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Latest Species check at Upper Farm Fishery Henton

Coarse Fishing at Upper Farm Henton

March 2018 Gary at Upper Farm decided to do a check on how the fish at Upper Farm Fishery in Henton, Oxfordshire are growing and what the estimated numbers of fish stock are. We had a good morning netting the lake with the help of AE Fisheries, the pictures are just a taste of what is in the lakes!!

When netting you get about a 3rd of the fish stocks out but more importantly a good idea of the health and well being of the fish that are in the lake.

Photo supplied by Julie Portnall Boyle (Thank you!!) of the "Blue Lagoon" at the Old Chinnor Cement works, seen from one of the many walking routes running through Chinnor in Oxfordshire.

Pictures from a trip to Romainia in 2013 for Bird watching and bear watching. A fantastic trip and if you ever get to go to the Carpathian Mountines (left hand photo) please take the chance!! Breathtaking scenary and a huge abundance of wildlife.

Netting and Electro Fishing at Upper Farm Fishery in Henton, to check on the growth of the fish and the condition of the fish in 2015.

A BIG thanks to Jez March who got this awesome shot of our resident Red Kite (above) on her nest.

Its not just about the Fishing and the Horses here at Upper Farm Equestrian and Fishery in Henton Oxfordshire. A day can be happily wasted away watching the huge amount of wildlife. So far this week Woodpeckers, Red Kites, Sparrow Hawks, Buzzards, Tree Creepers, Wrens, Robins, Kingfishers, Herons, Kestrals, Grass Snakes, Squirrels, Rabbits, Foxes, Canadian Geese Moor Hens and so much more have been spotted and phtographed. Photos will be uploaded as I receive them with credits given!

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