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Gift Ideas


Batwing USB desk Lamp

Perfect for tha Batman fan that you know!!

This Batwing, desk lamp is taken from the 1989 Batman ilm, which is arguably the best film,  it is a USb lamp with a bright LED light.


Harry Potter Golden Snitch USB Desk Lamp

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Touch USB desk Lamp.

Perfect Gift for that Potterhead that you know. This USB touch lamp will be a great addition to any Potterhead's desk.

It creates a nice glow once activated which would also make an ideal night light.



Doctor Who T.A.R.D.I.S Keyring

Perfect gift for that Whovian in your life.

A nicely presented T.A.R.D.I.S, which sits nicely with your keys. Well painted and looks good.


Zombie Pirate Halloween Mask and accesories

Always be yourself, unless...................................... You can be a Zombie Pirate!!

This kit includes a plastic facemask, plastic Blunderbuss, plastic Dagger, treasure chest, pirate booty, map, hook hand, eye patch and more!!

Ideal for Halloween or fancy dress



Harry Potter Hedwig Bookmark

Another one for the Potterheads and bookworms alike.

This hedwig bookmark is ideal for anyone who enjoys reading and who loves Harry Potter.

Its nicely made and Hedwig sits perfectly on top of your book when in use.


Gift Boxes

Last Year (2020) we started to do Fishing Gift Boxes, where the customer would name a price, and we would fill up a box, with (after a few question) what we thought would be appropriate.

We are happy to announce that we are once again doing this for fishing bait and equipment but now also will be doing it for Camping equipment.

All you need to do is give us a call, name your price, we will pick and box up a suitable package and then you can come in to the shop, pay for it and take it away with you!!

Note that your gift box will be in a recycled box that has come in with one of our deliveries, so you may want to re wrap it at home!!

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