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April and May 2021

With April and May (so far) not being the best weather wise, it has been a quietish start to the year!!

The shop is looking full, clean and tidy, everyone seems happy with the revamp and the fact that we now have a proper front door, instead of just the green security door.

As it has been relatively  quiet due to the weather, I have taken the chance to do some fishing here at Upper Farm Fishery where the shop is located between helping our wild ducks, geese and moorhens with their chicks.

The carp have been moving about, but not going for hookbait which is proving frustrating, however the Roach, Rudd and Perch have been putting on a great show!!

From last years spawn to some of the bigger silvers in the lakes, they have been moving and are making it great fun to just take light fishing tackle to the bank and having a day of seeing how many you can catch in an hour.

Its perfect for families. I am hoping however that the carp will show themselves soon!!

Bird watching this year has been great, and the ducklings, moorhen chicks and goslings have now all associated me with food.

In fact so much so that they are waiting at the gate for me in the mornings for their breakfast.

George (the male Canada Goose) is very protective of his family and will allow me near them but not the ducks and ducklings. He hates them, so I often spend my days at the moment standing between him and our other babies so that he does not attack them.

I should really be testing some of our latest products in stock but I just find myself watching the other wild life around the lake.

Check back soo to see if I have finally managed to write up my product reviews

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