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This page is dedicated to letting you know the newest items that have come into the shop and what we have been doing since your last visit.

2020 - 2021

Well what a year that was!!

The first part of the year we were forced to close due to Covid - 19. We were not sure what to expect when we got the go ahead to be able to re open on May 13th 2020.

We were only allowed 1 customer in to the shop at any one time, we had to clean every 30 mins and we had to stay away from people.

When the restrictions were starting to lift it seemed that the whole of the UK wanted to fish.

Upper Farm Fishery was fully booked for a solid 3 months. 

I ended up opening the shop 7 days a week, serving people from the car park for 7 weeks. Everyone seemed to have run out of all their terminal tackle.

We were selling 30 gallons of maggots a week (our normal is 5 gallons) but everyone was happy that they could come and enjoy the outside.

We stayed with the shop layout until November when Lockdown 2.0 started.

We were only allowed to open for call and collect so it was back to service from the car park.

During lockdown 2.0 we decided to re model the shop, as it was winter so we had fewer customers.

The whole shop was stripped down to bare minimum, we re painted, we got new shelving, we got new stock we even cleaned and re sorted the office/store room.

December was quiet as normal and then we were thrown back in to a full lockdown on January 6th.

Luckily its a quiet time for the shop as its winter.

We were once again ordered to only offer call and collect services, so we decided to only open Thursdays, Fridays, Saturday and Sundays 8am-1pm.

During those open times we were busy cleaning and still re organising the shop getting ready for when we would be able to fully re open.

Finally in March 2021 we were able to fully re open to the public with LOADS of new stock, new suppliers as some did not make it through 2020.

There is still a back log of stock trying to get in to the country and some items are still out of stock but as soon as they become available, rest assured they will be back on our shelves as well.

Now all we need is some good weather!!!!

New Shop, New Look

The new shop arrived mid October and it has taken a while but it is now OPEN!!

It is smaller then the old shop, but I think you will agree that it looks a lot better, with stock better displayed, better lighting and better heating.

The New Look Trinity Outdoors is now situated in the new Car Park area at Upper Farm , Henton.

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