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This page is dedicated to letting you know the newest items that have come into the shop and what we have been doing since your last visit.

New Shop, New Look

The new shop arrived mid October and it has taken a while but it is now OPEN!!

It is smaller then the old shop, but I think you will agree that it looks a lot better, with stock better displayed, better lighting and better heating.

The New Look Trinity Outdoors is now situated in the new Car Park area at Upper Farm , Henton.

Winter Opening Times

Its that time of year again where the shop goes into winter mode!

I have updated the Winter Opening Times for the 2018 season including the Christmas Opening Times.

You will be glad to hear that the shop is now open until 2pm on Sundays!!

We are trying out opening Mondays and Closing Tuesdays.

New Look Shop

Its been on the cards for many years now (since I moved the shop to Upper Farm Equestrian and Fishery) but it is now finally happening!!

A brand new spanking shop is being made as I write this and it will be situated by the lake for easier access for anglers on the lake, and people who love camping and fishing but are not fishing the lakes, to get a great buy from our ever growing range.

The shop will be a 32ft (9.75m) x 9ft (2.75m) steel container, decked out with a small office and plenty of show room to show off the stock that we will be carrying. 

The photo adjacent is a representation of what the outside will look like and once the actual shop is here and in place I will take photos and show it off!!

There will be lots of work to do (putting up Slatt wall and shelving, moving stock, working out where everything is going) and will probably take me many move arounds of stock until I feel that it flows right, but it should look great once I have finally finished it.

The shop is due to be onsite at the end of September and operating fully from the 2nd week of October.

Mays New Stock!!

New stock is now arriving in store. We have received new drinks bottles, tents, camping accessories, fishing bait and fishing accessories. Why not come in and take a look!!

The new stock has started to come in ready for a new season! As well as our normal range of Camping and Fishing equipment, we are also expanding the stock line with new and exciting items!!

New Stock New Year.

April 2018

As the clocks have gone forward and it is officially British Summer Time, it is time to open the shop more!! The Summer Opening times are:-

Monday - CLOSED

Tuesday 8am - 5pm

Wednesday 8am - 5pm

Thursday 8am - 5pm

Friday 8am - 5pm

Saturday 8am - 5pm

Sunday 8am - 1pm (maybe 2pm if it is a busy day!!)

Summer Opening times

Winter Opening Times

There may be some Tuesdays and Thursdays where the shop is closed between 1st November and 31st March. Please either text or call 07990 515 917 to check or check out the Facebook page for up to date information on shop closures. 

The 1st of November is finally here so winter opening times are now in operation.

Monday - CLOSED

Tuesday - 8am - 4pm (shop may be closed)

Wednesday - 8am - 4pm

Thursday - 8am - 4pm (shop may be closed)

Friday - 8am - 5pm

Saturday - 8am - 5pm

Sunday - 8am - 1pm

Sunday 15th October 2017 - We had the first of our winter fishing matches here at Trinity Outdoors and hopes were high with weather reports saying that we were going to have 20 degrees on Sunday with sunny spells. Alas it is England here and we ended up with 15 degrees and strong winds until the match finished. Never the less we carried o in true Brit style and had a good 4 hour match. Sean won biggest fish with a 7lb Common caught right in front of platform 20, he also had 1lb 7oz of silvers, Stu won heaviest net excluding carp with a mixed bag  weighing 6lb, second heaviest net was Nigel with 1lb 10oz of mixed silvers and third was Jude with 1lb 7oz of silvers. No one else weighed in but everyone caught.

Sunday 20th August 2017 we decided to throw a friendly summer fishing match here at the lakes. It was a great turn out with 10 people having booked in for the match and with fantastic weather. For the fist time the whole lake was being fished with a random 10 people turning up to fish the large lake! With this amount of people around the lake I was worried that the fish would not be taking the bait and hiding in their secret places. Luckily this was not so! Although the catch reports were down and no carp showed their fishy faces everyone but Michael caught at least one fish.

Biggest fish went to Sophie with a 14oz Perch, Heaviest net went to Stu Lennox with 5lb of silvers, second heaviest net weight went to Jude with 3lb of silvers, Simon, Phil, and Pete did not weigh in as they only had 2 fish each. Cammeron had 2lb 7oz of mixed silvers, Jim had 1lb, Luke had 8oz of Perch of mixed silvers and Michale was after carp so blanked

You asked and we supplied! During the year people have been asking for more "well known" brands to come in to stock, especially in the bait range, I may have taken my time about it ( I like to keep people in suspense) but I am happy to report that we now have Bait Tech in store. This means a more consistent stocking of Krill pellets, and new and exciting flavors by one of the UK's best selling bait suppliers. As time goes on the range will increase so keep an eye on the Facebook page to get first "dibs" on the bait coming in store                                  

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